With our partner "Hy-Pro", our mission is to make our customers as efficient as possible, and we achieve that with the highest quality filtration products and plans. Our Total System Cleanliness strategies maximize uptime, the productivity, and prevent costly fluid contamination-related failures. We often achieve that by simply upgrading our customers to Hy-Pro the DFE rated filters and Hy-Dry Breathers. But, oftentimes, too many systems have insufficient filtration, or worse off, no filtration at all; this creates the need for a whole range of offline particulate filtration solutions.

An offline system is connected to the reservoir of a hydraulic, lube or storage system and operates independently from the system it’s attached to. This means that it can be stopped for an element change without interrupting operations. It allows the flexibility to use ultra-high efficiency media to remove particulate and insoluble to reach low ISO codes that might otherwise be unattainable.

Conditioning offline extends the life of the critical on-board pump discharge and the reservoir protects the pump inlet, eliminating the need for suction strainers that can cause pump cavitation. Let’s take a look at the different types of offline filtration products, dedicated and mobile.

Dedicated Offline Filters
A properly sized offline filtration system can turn over the entire volume of a reservoir several times a day (we recommend 8 turns), maintaining ISO fluid cleanliness codes well below the upper limit. Whether you’re using low-viscosity hydraulic or high-viscosity lube oil, implementing dedicated offline filtration will yield longer bearing and hydraulic component life and longer useful fluid life.

When dealing with high-viscosity gearbox and rolling mill lubricants, it’s most effective to filter offline so that the flow rate and filter can be sized for optimal pressure drop and element life without sacrificing efficiency. That means you can pump thick fluid through an oversized filter at a low rate and get it super clean, even when it’s cold outside.

And, when the filter element has removed dirt, you don’t have to stop your operation to change it; just turn off the kidney loop, change elements, and get right back to filtering your fluids. With a dedicated system, you know that your fluids are always clean and your system is always protected.

Mobile Offline Filters
Valuable tools in the battle against contamination and are ideal for fluid transfer and in-field service work. The Hy-Pro range of portable filtration systems includes compact units for small gearboxes, filter carts optimized for hydraulic applications and units with generously sized filters for high viscosity or highly contaminated fluids commonly found in fluid reclamation.

Staged filtration -- two filters in series -- allows for combined water removal and particulate filtration in one pass to get you on to the next job more quickly. Hy-Pro mobile filtration systems are designed for industrial, outdoor use with high quality components including cast iron gear pumps and non-shredding wheels that get your filtration exactly where you need it.

Integrated Versatility
Implementing offline filtration is the best way to ensure your hydraulic and lube oils are clean and your systems are operating efficiently. Whereas applications that consume fluids (diesel, etc.) must filter fluids in a single pass, offline filter systems for hydraulic and lube oils allow for recirculating the reservoir to remove more dirt with every pass.

A dedicated offline system has the added benefit of being used as a 3-way valve to top of the reservoir, turning your filter system into a fluid transfer solution that removes any dirt from oil that is added and prevents contamination from ever entering your system.

Written By: Brad Bainbridge
April 25, 2018

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